Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht

Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht (Sounds behind Barbed Wire) is an homage brought to art as an ultimate form of consolation, hope and freedom. It is an artistic performance comprising music, literature and theater.

The presented works were written exclusively in concentration camps in the first half of the 20th century. Through the help of several foundations and documentation centres, we gathered wonderful material, filled with expression, character and meaning. The music ranges from classical music to folklore or even cabaret. The contrast between the works makes the performance all the more dynamic and surprising for the audience.

Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht brings together young up-and-coming artists of different fields, such as musicians, directors, designers and many more. It is an innovative project, presenting sensitive, meaningful and rare musical masterpieces with intense emotional input.

1. Kapitel – Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht

2. Kapitel – Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht

3. Kapitel – Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht

4. Kapitel – Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht

“To some extent, Klänge hinter dem Stacheldraht is a journey through the human soul. As a performer, you feel overwhelmed by the fusion of emotions and characters it creates. It is hope and sorrow, compassion and admiration, static and moving, just for an instant and infinite.”


Through this project I have learnt to value art even more. Art represented a means of hope and a seed of freedom. No form of fear or violence can take away the human spirit and its creative power.”