Grumpyland – Wie ein König sein Lächeln wieder fand

Anahita (Darya Rahel), King Grumpy (Telmo Mazurek) and the three musicians of the dark world Brummbär, Drizello (Duo con Spirito – Matei Rusu und Polychronis Karamatidis) and Unruh (Jouyan Tarzaban) will guide the children through a world filled with music and exciting adventures.

Anahita arrives in a world commanded by King Grumpy and his strict rules. She has one goal: to bring back joy, smiling, dancing and singing. How will she do it? Through magic and a bit of help from the three musicians, she manages to change the rules and make the world a place for everyone.

In a story with thrilling events, the little ones learn the wonder of music, how the instruments work and how even the grumpiest person can find their smile.