Duo con Spirito Online Concert on 60 Core

This Saturday (May 22nd) we will play for the first time the programme When Folk influences the Classical. The concert will be streamed online on the 60 Core Platform.

To get access to our concert and buy a ticket you should create an account on the platform.

How to create an account on 60 core?

Step 1: Go to https://60core.com/ and follow the steps described in the following video:

Alternative option: You can directly go to https://60core.com/en/user/registerUser/ and you can start to create your account.

What should you do:

  • write your Name
  • write your E-mail
  • set up a password for your account
  • read Terms and Conditions and click on the check box.

Step 2: After that, you will see the following message on your screen. Your account must be activated, so please check your e-mail.

Step 3: Inside the e-mail received from 60 Core click on the word here, as in the picture.

Now your account is activated and you can use it.

Step 4: Login on the platform using your E-mail and password.

How to get a ticket for the Duo con Spirito Online Concert?

Step 1: Click on Events -> Music. You will see all the upcoming events as in the picture. Click on Duo con Spirito Concert.

Step 2: Click on the red button Buy now.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page from Stripe, a secure platform used by 60 Core for processing online payments.

It is a normal check out page, where you have to fill in the information for completing the online payment and buy your ticket for our Duo con Spirito concert.

The price for one ticket is 5 €.

* After you have bought your ticket, you will notice that in the My Events section on your profile it will appear Duo con Spirito Concert and the red button Buy now will no longer be there.    

* When the concert starts (on Saturday at 7 PM CEST Time) you will find the button Watch now on the event page.

See you on Saturday!