Schubert – Composer of January

The first composer we celebrate in 2021 is the Austrian composer Franz Schubert. The genius Schubert is one of the symbols of the early Romantic era. He wrote more than 1000 pieces of music. All this, even though he passed away at the young age of 31. His literature consists of symphonies, vocal works, operas and chamber music works.

Franz Schubert is definitely one of our favourite composers. Therefore, we decided to play his Quartet D96 for flute, guitar, viola and violoncello. It is one of the very few original compositions for this combination of instruments. The Quartet D96 is based on the Nocturne Op.21, composed by Wenzeslaus Matiegka. Schubert added the Violoncello part. This gives a fuller atmosphere to the piece and influences its character.

The recording of the first movement, Moderato is done in collaboration with Tom Congdon (viola), Ilay Dahan (cello), Selim M’rad (sound) and Jouyan Tarzaban (video). We played Schubert’s Quartet for Flute, Guitar, Viola and Cello in 2019 during our Final Exam of our Master’s Degree in Chamber Music.

In conclusion, we invite you to listen to Schubert Quartet D96 for flute, guitar, viola and violoncello here: